PC Watercooling CPU Blocks

The highest power consuming device in your PC will most often be your CPU. An enthusiast or gaming computer system will need to dissipate at least 100 to 150 watts from the CPU. As a result of this power consumption, your Intel or AMD CPU has a lot of heat to get rid of, and a CPU Block should be the first component to target for maximum cooling and overclockability in a system.

Most of our CPU Blocks utilize at least a baseplate of copper, with fins or pins, for maximum heat dissipation. All mainstream sockets are supported, including 1155, 1156, 1366, AM2 and AM3. Future sockets such as LGA 2011 will be supported as well. We stock CPU Blocks from Swiftech, Heatkiller, XSPC, Aqua Computer and EK Waterblocks. source


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